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High Performance Online Backup

Cloud backup Service that guarantees that your encrypted files are only stored with the UK.

Which means that compliance with UK Data Protection laws is much easier.

CloudBackupUK now includes offsite replication to a 2nd site at no extra charge!

Single Solution, fully featured solution for data backup

CloudBackupUK is a single solution for many types of backup, including 

Which means that all your backups can be managed from a single place increasing familiarity and reducing administration time. 

Highly Efficient Data Backup

Which means that impact on your other computing processes and backup windows are minimised, allowing more time for normal business activities.

Bare Metal Backup and Restore

CloudBackupUK’s bare metal restore capabilities provide you the complete solution to efficiently restore an entire machine.

Which means that if the worst happens to your server you can restore your server and continue to trade. 

Restore to Virtual Server 

Backup images (VHD) can also be instantaneously booted up as a Hyper-V virtual machine. CloudBackupUK also supports conversion of the backup image into a VMware Virtual image (VMDK). 

Which means that if your server is completely dead you can restore you server to a working condition much quicker.

Backup Virtual Machines

CloudBackupUK can also backup you existing Virtual Machines, it works with the following Operating Systems and Virtualisation Platforms. 

Operating System

Virtualisation Platform 

Which means that CloudBackupUK can backup your virtual and physical servers from a single place, making everything easier to manage.