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Colocation Server Hosting | The 5 Core Parts

By Chris Allen | August 7, 2020 | 0 Comments
5 core parts of colocation hosting

Colocation Server Hosting | The 5 Core Parts


1 – What is Colocation Hosting?

Colocation (or Colo) is a service where you can keep your servers in a Data Centre. The Data Centre will make sure that your server is:
– Always powered
– Kept cool
– Kept physically secure
– Connected to the internet
– Provide you access to your server when required


2 – It’s Cost Effective!

One of the biggest drawbacks to housing your own server locally is that the initial setup costs and on-going bills can be very expensive. Unless you have the scale of servers housed to make the costs worth it, it’s usually more cost-effective to house it somewhere else via Colocation (especially if you only a single server!).


3 – What’s Included?

Our Colocation service includes:
– Power: to always keep your server on
– Cooling: servers are kept in temperature-controlled rooms to ensure they stay cool
– Security: 24/7 security measures, such as CCTV and controlled area-access, to keep your servers safe
– Internet: Synchronous Internet connections starting from 100Mb, so your servers are always connected


4 – Physical Access:

Physical access to your server is always available. Quarter Rack, Half Rack and Full Rack customers; you will have access to your server whenever you want and will be given keys etc.
For Single Server Colo customers, you can have escorted access whenever you like during office hours and can request access out of office hours – which, is subject to a £60/hour charge.


5 – Secondary Internet For ILO:

You should consider preparing for using a second internet connection for ILO purposes, as well as other remote management means. This means you can access the backend of your server – even if the OS has crashed completely.




Any Questions?

If you have any questions about Colocation Hosting, then you give us a shout here.

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