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Always Improving – Blake’s Training

By Chris Allen | September 24, 2021 | 0 Comments
Blake Developing new skills - why we always push our team to improve

Always Trying to Improve

One thing we always try to do here at HA Hosting is to keep improving in all aspects that we can.

This could be technology, processes, skills, etc. Included in this is Staff training – and not just in learning more IT-Based skills. We try and help develop our Team in various aspects so that they can achieve their own personal goals.


Blake’s Recent Training

A recent example of that is with some training that Blake did in Team Leading & some other areas of general business.

“I felt it went well, I had to do things I’ve never done before giving me a new insight.

It helped me to pinpoint areas where we can improve as a business or introduce things we don’t currently have in place.
I gained new knowledge in businesses and how they operate as well as gaining leadership skills I didn’t have previously.

It’s also helped me to boost my confidence and learn how to better word things to ensure everyone has an understanding.”


Developing for the Future

Not only has this training helped Blake as an individual to develop, but also through his new skills and understanding, will help to push and improve aspects of HA Hosting in the future.

The obvious impact you will see from this, from a client perspective, is a slow increase in the levels of service quality and professionalism across the business – especially as we encourage more of our Team to keep learning and developing!


Good job completing the training, Blake!

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