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How Colocation Can Benefit Resellers

By Chris Allen | January 23, 2020 | 0 Comments
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How Colocation Can Benefit IT Resellers


Quick Recap:

Many of you will know what Colocation is. For those who don’t or are little unfamiliar, here’s a quick recap.

Colocation is a service Data Centres provide which allow you to store your physical server(s) in their Data Centre for a charge. It is then the Data Centre’s responsibility to keep the server secure, powered, connected to the internet and cool. Another benefit is that due to being offsite, your server(s) is more secure than at your office – should there be a fire/flood etc.


How Can This Benefit IT Resellers? – Virtual Servers

If you’re an IT service provider and one of the services, you provide is server space/resources then Colocation can be a cheaper option for you to do so. Along with the benefits we mentioned above, you’d also be able to configure your server to use Virtualisation.

With this, you can create as many Virtual Servers as you’d like (depending on your physical servers’ resources of course) which can then be sold to your customers. This, of course, assumes they’re paying for server resources from you and not a physical server.


How Can This Benefit Resellers? – Physical Servers

Let’s say you want to provide physical server services to your customers – even colocation for example. This is fine if it’s your core service and you have the infrastructure in place to support it.

But what about if a customer requests it and you want to help, but it isn’t something you normally do? You could even resell your physical rack space.

Let’s say your bought Quarter Rack Colocation, that can hold 10 servers, you could then bring your customers physical servers to your rack. This is much more cost-efficient than setting up a mock-data centre setup yourself, especially if these customers would be few and far between.

Most Data Centre’s have strict ‘who can enter’ policies to ensure they’re secure, so in this scenario, you would have to be the one who worked on and installed/removed the server. But this also would allow you to easily manage your customers and their servers too.


Interested in Learning More?

If you’re interested in learning more about Colocation, you can find more on our blogs here.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us, and ask us any questions you would like to know. We’ll do our best to help however we can.


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