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Always Improving – Marc’s Training

By Chris Allen | October 8, 2021 | 0 Comments
Marc's Recent Training - developing more network security skils

Always Looking to Improve

In our last blog post, we mentioned encouraging our team members to pursue training to help develop their skills – benefiting both them as an individual and HA Hosting as a business (and hopefully a knock-on effect to our customers).

Carrying on from that we wanted to highlight some of the training one of our Tech Team, Marc, has completed recently.


Developing as a Network Specialist

Marc’s training was centered around developing as a Network Security Specialist. A course that Marc originally found during lockdown last year. Obviously we thought it was a good idea considering the nature of what we do here at HA Hosting. Nice find Marc!

The course basically consisted of network security content. Ranging from firewall configuration to the appropriate standards that surround network security.


“It was a self-paced course, so ultimately went as well as it did. Didn’t really do much of it at work; most was done at home in my spare time. The rate was about a module a week, not including time spent not doing it!”


How This Will Help in the Future

With its focus on network security, it’ll help by allowing Marc to look at things like our firewall config with a wider vision. So instead of “what can we do to get this working now”, he can look at it from “what can we do to get it working now, and keep it secure without needing to come back to it in the future?”. Obviously, this is a very useful skill to have for the long-term health of HA’s infrastructure and means Marc can discuss problems and solutions with the Tech Team at a higher level than before.

“Alongside this, I’ll be able to bring other aspects that I’ve learned into my day-to-day work.”

Chris Allen

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