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With our Client Control Panel you can register new Domain Names, or if you already have one, you can transfer your Domain Name to us.

All domain names are managed from the Client Control Panel. You can update your registrant details, change name servers, re-register expiring names etc... all from one portal.

We are members of Nominet and hold our own TAG for .uk Domain Names. We are also eNom re-seller partners for international and specialty Domain Names. If you you wish to purchase a .UK domain name you must agree to Nominet's terms and conditions which are available here.

Domain Names Key Terms

If you have purchased a domain name from us we will start emailing you 60 days before it expires until you either renew by paying the invoice or inform us you wish to cancel the domain. Payment methods are contained within the invoice.

If you do not pay your invoice or contact us by the renewal date the Domain will follow the standard process dictated by the registrar. This often allows for a holding period of up to 90 days where you can retrieve the domain name. Once a domain name has expired invoices can be treated as cancelled.

If you wish to retrieve a domain after it has expired we will pass on any additional costs associated with renewing the domain after expiry and charge for time spent assisting. We charge £60 per hour for this type of work.

In the event that you wish to cancel you domain with High Availability Hosting, we will not charge you for transferring a domain name away from us.


UK domain name pricing for follows.

Extension Term (years) Price per year
Any .UK 1 £5.00

Pricing for common non UK specific domain names follow.


Term (years) Price per year
.com 1 £10.00
.net 1 £12.00
.org 1 £11:00
.biz 1 £14.00
.info 1 £11.00
.tv 1 £30.00
1 £6.00
.mobi 1 £19.00

Other Names

If you would like to purchase any other international domain name that isn't listed, feel free to contact us for a quote.