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​Fraud Prevention

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High Availability Hosting Limited has implemented fraud prevention technology from MaxMind across all our brands to reduce online fraud and ensure anyone that signs up with us is genuine.

How it works

When you sign up online with HA Hosting for any of our services, your transaction is verified using the following criteria:

Geographical IP address location checking

High risk IP address and e-mail checking

Issuing bank BIN Number country matching

MaxMind minFraud Network

Post query analysis

Manual checking if required

Is my credit card and personal data safe?

Yes - None of your credit card information leaves our servers or is sent across the internet, the MaxMind service is a module we have installed onto our Client Control Panel.

What if I`m flagged as high risk?

We will review each sign up flagged as high risk and will contact you to verify your identity before your sign up is completed. We apologise for any delay this may cause, but we want to make sure everyone who enjoys our services is genuine, fraudsters using stolen or fake credit cards cause damage to everyone, we want to make sure all risks are minimised.