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HA Managed Firewalls for HA Cloud Servers

Multi Function Managed Firewall

  • Firewall
  • IPSEC VPN Endpoint
  • Load Balancer
  • VLAN Provisioning

Network security is paramount to the stability and sustainability of any online service. We host and maintain Managed Firewalls on a dedicated Cloud cluster at the Sheffield Data Centre, providing hardware independent and resilient firewalls, based on hardened pfSense or Monowall virtual appliances.

Our Managed Firewalls allow you to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business without having to devote time or resources to network security. Managed Firewalls are ideal for all types of collocation customer, from single server users, rack occupiers, and HA Cloud Servers.

Running firewall appliances on a dedicated Cloud cluster means the appliances run on a standard hardware set, free from hardware failures and physical network problems. If there’s a problem with a cluster node, all Managed Firewalls are migrated to another node.

Our managed firewalls can be used for the following

Firewall features

  • Based on a hardened pfSense virtual firewall appliance.
  • Use your own private IP addresses for servers, limiting exposure.
  • Filtering by source / destination IP, protocol, source / destination port.
  • Logging.
  • Stateful firewall.
  • 1:1 NAT to internal IP's.
  • Only "open ports" exposed to the Internet.
  • Outbound NAT.
  • IPSEC VPN tunnels.
  • DHCP server and relay.


Our Firewalls can also provide secure site to site connectivity; all you need is one of our firewalls and an allocation of dedicated bandwidth.

Load Balancing

We can provide load balancing between your servers. This could be a HA Cloud Servers or Physical Server or even a mixture located within our Data Centre.

Load balancers are ideal for multiple servers serving the same content spreading the user load. Sticky connections allow users to be “remembered” by the server they were last connected to, reducing cookie requirements.

Private VLANs

Private VLAN are available within our data centre so that you can securely route your own traffic between your servers. Private VLAN's also stop traffic "bleeding" between different customers, allowing the use of private IP ranges within the Data Centre.

These are generally provided along side internet bandwidth or other service and therefore not charged individually.

Easy updates

Updating firewall rules, NAT re-directions or requesting changes is easy; simply submit a support ticket by emailing support @ - detailing what you need changing and we’ll do the rest. Firewall rule changes are completed Monday to Friday 08:00 –  18:00.

Network Bridges

Our managed Network Bridges are ideal for Business Continuity or Disaster recovery plan implementation, they allow servers to replicate DATA and Configuration information as is if they were on the same LAN. Having a simplified IP address scheme makes failover to a disaster recovery site much easier to managed. 

How to order

For more complicated networks it is probably best to speak to one of our knowledgable staff to ensure you get the best solution.

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