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HA Cheapest Colocation

Cheapest Colocation with High Availability Hosting is the ideal choice if you already have your own server and wish to house it somewhere with excellent reliability, cooling, power, security, and very fast synchronous internet connections.

As standard you will recieve

  • Clean power from a UPS
  • Backup Generator
  • Multiple internet Connections
  • Cooling
  • Security

Cheapest Colocation is provided from our own Sheffield Data Centre

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  • Reliability & Uptime

    Data Centre up time for Cheapest Colocation only covers the services we provide and not the server itself.

    To date data centre uptime is greater than 99.7%

  • Who & What it's Designed For

    ​Cheapest Colocation is great if you have server hardware and software support skills and wish to provide web or other hosting services from your own server. This is often the most cost effective way to do this. If you don’t have experience of supporting server hardware, then maybe a dedicated server is more suitable. We can also provide full operating system support if required please contact us to discuss.

  • Support & How to Access It

    We offer up to 15 minutes per day of remote hands.

    Remote Hands Includes

    • Looking at the server
    • Connecting a monitor
    • Hard reboot or power cycle
    • Checking a cable
    • Re-patching a cable
    • Replacing a hot swap component

    What is not covered

    • logging into the server
    • Taking the server covers off.

    Contrary to the above, if your server is not on the internet and subject to fair usage, if you wish we will attempt to get your server accessible so that you can fix any further problems remotely.

    You can get access to your server at anytime between Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 for no charge, call ahead if you can so we can put the kettle on.

    Emergency callout is always available at a cost of £60 per hour

  • Product Options Explained

    ​Server Type

    Rack servers come in different sizes, the height is measured in U or units. Each U is 1.75 inches. Our prices vary according to the U size of each server.

    The specification information of your server with tell you your servers height in U, if you do not know. 

    Our racks are 900mm deep and we haven’t had any servers that didn’t fit. 

    1U Low Power Device

    If you want to add firewall, router or switch to your Cheapest Colocation you can save money by selecting this option.

    Manged Firewall

    If you want a firewall and would like us to manage it for you. Our firewalls are PFSense, appliances running in a High Availability Cluster.

    Internet Bandwidth

    Each Cheapest Colocation includes a TB of data transfer on a 100Mbit connection each month. We have several options for increasing this, either by purchasing additional TB or by upgrading to a dedicated connection. We also have other options available and would be more than happy to advise you of the most suitable for you, please get in touch.

    IP Address Blocks

    Each colocation server will receive a routed block of IP addresses, this is the most secure way of allocating IP addresses, as IP addresses cannot be accidently used by others. Each block has a total number of addresses and a usable number of addresses. The usable number is always (on our networks) three less than the overall number of addresses.

    If you require more than 64 IP addresses a justification would need to be made to RIPE, we can assist you with the justification and complete the required paperwork, please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

    Network Port

    We are able to provide you with additional network ports for connecting to your servers iLo | iDRAC | IPMI or for resilience.  

    Additional Power Sockets

    If your server has more than one power supply we can provide an additional power socket so you can have increased resilience.

    Additional Power in Amps

    All Cheapest Colocation comes with a whole amp of power, which is enough for most servers, some older or very powerful servers may require more than this. We are able to measure the consumption of your server when it is installed. Additional power is available for £15.00 per half Amp.

  • Specific Terms & Conditions

    Contract length: monthly or annual contracts are available.

    Payment must be made prior to moving in.

    Cancellation: monthly contracts require payment of one further invoice

    Annual contracts require a month’s notice prior to the end of the contract, if the correct notice is not given you may pay 25% of the annual rate for early cancellation.

  • Technical Details & Specifications

    Internet connectivity 

    • Level 3
    • Virgin Media Business


    • Two Factor building entry
    • CCTV internal and external
    • Alarm System
    • Escorted Access


    • Each Rack has one or more UPS
    • Backup Generator


    • Evaporative Cooling System
    • Hot Aisle Containment
    • Hot Air extraction

    FAQs and Even more Sheffield Data Centre details here

  • Ordering & Service Delivery

    Once you have placed your order, you will receive your IP address allocation, we will then be in touch to confirm a date for you to move your server in. We have in the past provided service the same or next day so if you are in a tight spot and need Cheapest Colocation urgently please contact us, and we will do our best to help.​

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