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​Sheffield Data Centre - Security

Both Physical and Logical security is something we take very seriously. Providing hosting colocation to multiple companies with differing requirements means we need a stringent but accessible policy.

Physical Security

External Monitoring

External monitoring of alarms is provided by AMCO.

Logical Security

All IP connectivity is provided “raw” to customer racks by default, allowing clients to choose their firewall or security solution.

We can supply Managed Firewalls which are hosted by us as appliances on our Hyper-V Cloud cluster. Managed Firewalls are monitored and supported by ourselves, and provide firewall, IP NAT, IPSEC VPN capabilities and separation from other networks within the data centre.

We can also supply private VLANs on our access switches specifically for individual customers, allowing you to host servers on your own internal network with your own choice of internal IP addressing. A “breakout” to the internet would rely on you having your own router / firewall, or one of our Managed Firewalls.